August 9, 2020

Florida Local HUD Field Offices and Contact Information

To find your local HUD Field Office location, or to find out how to contact them directly, click:

Florida Local HUD Field Offices and Contact Information

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  1. Michael Honaker says:

    How is someone suppose to return a phone call when the number that is left for you to call cant be reach ? I got a call from a Mrs Perez in the Miami office for me to call her back . Well everytime I call that number no one ever answers the phone and when you try to leave a message the automatic reply is…this person cant be reached thru this message system. Then when you leave a message with a auto rep instead of a real person who wont answer either you still never get a call back ! The person who called me is Mrs. Perez and the number left for me to call is 305/520/5024 and I also called 305/520/5000 and cant get through to NO ONE ……

  2. Timothy Strickland says:

    I see that there is a real need for single person housing for the aged . Over 62 years old . In the city of Tampa , Florida and or Hillsborough county Florida .
    I work for a nonprofit organization that is interested in providing this like of decent affordable housing . How should I proceed to meet the demand .

  3. Lillian Tergesen says:

    How do I reach Hud. I have emailed twice and left word on a recording!!!
    I thought HUD was for the people. However, seems to me that isn’t so. Very upsetting!

    Mrs Tergesen

  4. Lisa taylor says:

    If issued voucher in small rural town that you can not locate a home to rent what can you do is it true that voucher can assist disabled to fthb.and pay

    on mortgage if so how can you request it

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