September 27, 2020

Illinois Local HUD Field Offices and Contact Information

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Illinois Local HUD Field Offices and Contact Information

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  1. Joyce LaGesse says:

    I live at Azzarelli Tower in Kankakee, Il. We have been dealing with bed bugs here for almost three years.
    we are smelling the spray every day and it is affecting peoples health. We have people who are sick from it, as well as people who have been in the hospital..

    I told the manager that I was allergic to the spray and was told that I couldn’t be because I’d been breathing it for two years. No compassion is shown to any body, except her pets.

    Some one needs to help us, because no one in the Kankakee Housing cares. They just keep passing the buck.

    Thank-you in advance

    Joyce LaGesse

  2. Richard Gosnell says:

    I am considering the possibility of becoming a section 8 landlord. In preparation of that possibility, I have been reviewing section 8 guidelines, rules & regulations…and am impressed.

    I own an above average home in one of the best areas of my city, having purchased it new in 2002, and the property has been kept up the standards of my community. To give you an idea of what people have stated that the property (with the home sitting on a I/3 acre lot)…it should be rented at least $1,300 per month. I have continued to property maintained the property and now…HERE IS MY QUESTION:


    In my review thus far, I have not seen that issues discussed…please advise me, and if the HUD Program does, please direct me to where the answer is found.

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