July 11, 2020

Indiana Local HUD Field Offices and Contact Information

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Indiana Local HUD Field Offices and Contact Information


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  1. Dale A. Ostrom says:

    My wife and I are selling our house which is located in northern Indiana and was built in 1979. It has gone through a whole house inspection. The buyers are going through the FHA for financing.

    The inspection report is one created by the inspection company. There are a few items that I want to verify whether we are required to change. An example is: we have insulation in our attic rated at R20. The report indicates it should be R44.

    Where can I find the minimum standards for a seller’s home to meet FHA requirements on line?

    Dale A. Ostrom

  2. John Foulkes says:

    Our congregation sponsored the development of a senior citizen housing facility. Some members have confused sponsorship with ownership. Will you pleas identify a resource that clarifies the distinction with some information on how it works.

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