August 13, 2020

Louisiana HUD Housing Programs

The Louisiana HUD Housing Program is a part of the federal government Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), which was established in 1965 to create policies for housing and city expansion. Currently, Louisiana HUD’s primary mission is to enforce fair housing laws in order to create a more suitable living environment for all Americans.

Louisiana HUD Housing Programs

One of the main goals of HUD in Louisiana is to make Louisiana housing affordable and to make the opportunity for homeownership available to families who are on a limited income. This is done via programs that offer some of the following services:

• Counseling for first-time home buyers,

• Help with loan acquisition,

• Advice on avoiding foreclosure,

• Rental assistance for low-income families.

Our Guide To the Louisiana HUD Housing Programs

Sometimes the official HUD pages are confusing or hard to understand.  We try to make sense of all of this for you with our guide.  For information you can understand about getting the help that you need, check out these links to more information about the various programs that are available:

Louisiana HUD Housing Programs (Main page.)
Louisiana HUD Home Ownership Assistance Programs
Louisiana HUD Home Repair Programs
Louisiana HUD Voucher Program Section 8
Louisiana HUD Foreclosure Avoidance Programs
Louisiana HUD Utility Bill Assistance Program
Louisiana HUD Senior Housing Resources
Louisiana HUD Homes For Sale
Louisiana HUD Housing Information For Landlords
Louisiana Local HUD Field Offices And Contact Information

Or, to go directly to Louisiana’s HUD Portal, Click Here:

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