July 13, 2020

Missouri Local HUD Field Offices and Contact Information

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Missouri Local HUD Field Offices and Contact Information


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  1. barbara clayton says:

    Need imformation about getting an agent to help me get on the Hud rental housing assistance. Bankruptcy absolved all credit cards with federal courts 12/26/2112. Un able to get a job for one year and 10 months. I will be 74 March 8. Have several back problems and a bad foot due to failed reconstructive surgery. So as an L.P.N. not even sure i could work again.I used up all my retirement fund that was in money market account, then used my investment funds to live on and pay credit card bills to maintain good credit scores for possible employment. Ran out of all my money and have been having great difficulty makeing ends meet on only SS income $1,382.40 after deductios. My home mortgage co. told me to contact them once banklrupcy was discharged and they would see about getting my payments reduced. My house payment is $815.40 a month, which doesnt leave enough to
    live on. My 3 children have been taking turns buying my food and making up the difference on utility bills. I just can’t live like this any more. Am going to stop paying my mortgage. Wells Fargo told me i had 2 red flags 1 unemployed 2 bankruptcy !!! They will not refinance me until it has been two years post bankruptcy. Some of the apartments won’t rent to me because of bankruptcy and foreclosure. So i believe i need the government to give me a hand. I need to get on the list. I don’t have money to pay my co-pay to get eyes checked, to see foot doctor, my dentist, or my primary care doctor. I couldn’t get my diabetic Rx yet as no money , oops i do have a nickel. Is there any where i can get some help ??

  2. Linda Enss says:

    I’m wanting to start a neighborhood watch in multi-unit home neighborhood and single family dwellings on another street. Looking for free information, flyers, pamphlets etc to share. My address is 110 Concha A Lathrop, MO 64465. We are in a small <2000 citizens, rural community and want to start ridding our space of domestic violence and drugs. Thank You

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