July 30, 2021

Pennsylvania Local HUD Field Offices and Contact Information

To find your local HUD Field Office location, or to find out how to contact them directly, click:

Pennsylvania Local HUD Field Offices and Contact Information


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  1. Yamalee Gantz says:

    I need to find out who to contact, I am from Lancaster, PA my daughter is a single mother of three children and about to deliver a fourth in May or June. She has a Section 8 voucher for a 3/4 bdrm home in the city of lancaster. She has a landlord who does not comply with the rules of being a section 8 landlord, he takes his time and or will not return calls for repairs to the property. My daughter has a infestation of ants throughout the house the landlord has deemed it her responsibility for pest control, removal or snow, cutting of grass. She is on DPW and has a fixed income. She also is INFESTED WITH BEDBUGS she called the city, and because he didn’t present to her that the property was exterminated before she moved in they made him responsible. Well the bed bugs are WORST NOW then they were not sure who he called in, she has complained to our local housing authority and her case manager and has no results, her case manager never can be of any assistance to her WE NEED HELP ON WHO WE CAN CALL AND COMPLAIN ABOUT THE CONDITIONS MY DAUGHTER AND HER CHILDREN ARE BEING MADE TO LIVE UNDER AND ALSO TO REPORT THE CASE WORKER IN OUR LOCAL OFFICE

  2. Charles and Denise Knox says:

    I have an appointment with a gentleman at the pittsburgh office tomorrow. I Ned him to contact me for exact time and directions
    412-478-9052. Please call urgently.

  3. Denise and Charles Knox says:

    I own a duplex at 125B Central Avenue in North Versailles,PA 15137. I am interested in renting it as a section 8 apartment. I called contact number but no one answered and I can’t find another number. I’m interested in staring rent between September 1st and the 15th. We are still trying to get work done to get it ready. I am a disabled veteran and m y husband was detective in charge of narcotics for 25 years. He suffered a brain injury they claim was off the job so we can’t get workers comp. They gave him an honorable discharge and let him go. The last payment we got was in March. We are trying to get help to get the place ready,as we will be living in half. We need people who do work on people’s homes that are low income and can’t afford to do repairs themselves. If you have any contacts that help low income people do housing work for disabled vets or just low income people of any kind please let me know. It’s a beautiful duplex.
    Thank you
    Denise Knox

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