July 6, 2020

HUD – An Overview of the US Dept. of Housing and Urban Development

The US Dept of Housing and Urban Development, otherwise known as the HUD, is an executive branch of the federal government. It was originally founded under the presidency of Lyndon Johnson to promote and develop policies relating to affordable housing for urban families. The department came into being on the 9th September 1965 when the Dept of Housing and Urban Development Act was signed into law.


Today it is run by the Deputy Assistant Secretary of the named department, currently Shaun Donavan who took up the position on the 22nd January 2009. The institution has its headquarters in the Robert Weaver federal Building in Washington DC.

The department has various programs that are designed to ensure the residents of the US metropolises are provided for. Without their help tens of thousands of American families, if not hundreds of thousands, would have ended up living on the streets with a terrible knock on effect for our society as whole. It is perhaps the single most important domestic agency in terms of assistance for the poor, the elderly, and people with disabilities.

The office which is responsible for housing is refereed to as the Federal Housing and Administration office and is in charge of multifamily housing programs including those for the elderly and people who are inflicted with disabilities. Another office, the Public and Indian Housing office, administers grants for people that belong to Native American tribes including native residents of the states of Hawaii and Alaska.

The Fair Housing and Equal Opportunity office enforces laws that ensure no discrimination is given to minority households, people with disabilities, as well as families with children. There are also other offices which initiate important programs. The policies and principles are constantly being adapted to suit the needs of US citizens on an ongoing basis.

One of the success stories is the Multifamily Coordinator Program. This is involved with the allocation of money to allow the owners of HUD buildings to hire coordinators for specific services. These individuals help in providing and coordinating services for elderly residents, particularly those who are categorized as being at risk or frail. Through this program many elderly citizens have been able to live by themselves without the need to stay in an a residential care home. Bodies such as the association of service coordinators help to support HUD service coordinators in the form of training, education, advocacy, and networking.

Under the practices set up by the Housing and Urban Development Act, various bodies are able to gain possession of properties that have been foreclosed and then are sold off under a special auction process. It is possible for families who match the required criteria to then take possession of a new home for a down payment which is as little as one hundred dollars.

As the downturn in the economy forced more US citizens into financial hardship, the role of the HUD has never been so great. They have helped to ensure that countless families are able to stay off the streets and in suitable accommodation when they have found themselves struggling to make ends meet.

Additional resource links: http://portal.hud.gov/portal/page/portal/HUD


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