September 27, 2021

Government HUD Housing Programs to Help You Afford A Place To Live

Government sponsored HUD housing programs offer a lifeline to many American families. They provide the opportunity to find affordable homes both to rent and to buy. There are in fact various programs that a family may be eligible for through the HUD. If you believe that you meet the criteria set out by the Department of Housing and Urban Development it is worth taking a moment to consider your various options.

Hud Housing

The HUD is in fact a very large branch of the federal government and does far more than offer cheap homes. They also provide block grants for states to develop their own assistance programs that can be administered by various agencies. Help for senior citizens and people with disabilities are also on offer through the HUD.

The primary aim of the HUD housing programs is to other assistance in some form to those families and individuals that currently have an income at a low level which means they have real difficulty keeping up with their rental agreements or mortgage loan repayments. With the cost of living rising upwards on a virtually continual basis it is no surprise to discover that more householders are exploring the option of seeking help through a Housing and Urban Development office.

Under the HUD, incentives are also offered to landlords and builders to construct units and houses that are affordable to a greater number of people. Also there are programs that help with refinancing current mortgages to ensure that the number of foreclosures that occur is kept to an absolute minimum. As the demand increases the waiting list for HUD assistance is getting longer.

One criticism that was leveled at HUD sponsored programs is that the emphasis was too great on creating housing units that were to be maintained and regulated by city authorities. It was claimed that such policies actually promoted poverty as well as the racial segregation of urban areas. Now there is a trend for more effective policies to be put in place such as where subsidies are given to eligible applicants who can then use the money to rent housing on the private market.

The most well know programs run by the HUD are Section 8 and Public Housing. Section 8 involves being given housing vouchers which can be used for properties in the private sector as long as the units are acceptable and meet the criteria set out by the HUD.

Usually an inspector would first of all visit the desired property to ensure it does match the terms set out under section 8. These vouchers can be used to pay up to seventy per cent of a household’s monthly rental payments.

Public housing programs generally refer to those properties that are maintained and owned by a local authority and have been allocated specifically for the disabled, elderly, and low income families. Though public housing often has a reputation as being in a state of disrepair, this is being rectified under the HOPE VI program that allocates public money for this exact purpose.

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  1. Christina Dietrich says:

    So what gives I have been in this Apartment now for 13 years and the Manager has onw Answer we are busy ‘
    HUD rules state every 5 years new paint every 7 years new carpet how can I make her do repairs it does not help to contact her boss she does not care The VP of the company never returns a call or letter anybody have any Ideas

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    525 RICHARD AVE.
    APT 5
    RIVER RIDGE, LA 70123

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    Hello My name is Michelle Halbert and am porting from Cincinnati, Ohio to Savannah Georgia. I just had someone in Cincinnati Housing Authority send the notice to your DCA on 2260 Northlake Parkway Suite 300 Tucker, Georgia 30084 and gave my Landlord The tenant Notice to Terminate Lease effective July 31, 2015. Please don’t hesitate to communicate with me by telephone at (513)-628-1634. or emergency number Mrs. Halbert (513)-386-8992 so we could stay in contact with one another. I’m asking you if you could lead me in the right direction in finding an 3 brm. apartment or townhouse. I don’t want to panic but you know the time ticking and I have to tied up several lose ends here Cincinnati,Oh. please communicate with me asap also can you direct me a spirit filed church. Thank You for your time. Michelle Halbert

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