July 30, 2021

Hud Housing Assistance Programs – Subsidized Housing, Public Housing, Section 8

The economic slowdown and budget deficit has done far more than making unemployment rise, it has left many families struggling to keep up with their rental or mortgage payments and are now potentially facing eviction or foreclosure. This is a heartbreaking situation and one that no family should have to deal with especially through no fault of their own. The federal government is trying to address this issue through the various HUD housing assistance programs that have been rolled out and expanded over the last few years.

Hud Housing Assistance

Today there are in fact a number of housing assistance programs being made available to low income families and those most in need in every state of the country. This includes such schemes as subsidized housing, public housing, and what is known as sector 8. To qualify for government assistance for housing you must meet rigid rules that have been put in place to stop any abuse of the system from occurring.

There are two general areas of help that may be worth enquiring about depending upon your exact circumstances, namely subsidized housing programs and emergency assistance. It is a sad fact the countless households in the US are now in a dire and precarious situation. It is important to understand that although you may think there is no way to turn there is help that is available.

The moment you believe you cannot pay your rent or mortgage arrears on time you should immediately contact your local Housing and Urban Development office as they will be willing to pass on advice and offer assistance. The longer you delay the more serious the problem will become and it will be then harder to put right.

Subsidized housing initiatives have been put in place to address the nation’s affordable homes crisis that has swept from coast to coast like wildfire. It is suggested that if a household is required to spend at least thirty per cent of their total income on rent and utility payments their expenditure is not sustainable and cannot be classified as affordable.

In most districts the two main HUD sponsored programs that are taken up by residents are Public Housing and Section 8. The Section 8 program allows for those households on a low income to be provided with special vouchers that can be partially used in lieu of rent, this allows them to remain in the private sector. To qualify for Section 8 the income of the household must be fifty per cent or less of the areas median. The actual dollar amount will vary from area to area.

Public housing units are controlled by local housing authorities who can set the rents at an affordable rate. In the past such properties had a bad image and often created and increased racial divides.

This concern is being addressed by a huge campaign of rebuilding and investment sponsored by the government to ensure that standards are raised. It is now possible to be provided public housing in desirable locations rather than only in run down and economically poor neighborhoods.

Find more information,visit http://www.disasterhousing.gov/offices/pih/pha/contacts/


  1. diana moretz says:

    i am a single mother and need help finding hud homes Charlottesville, VA and need to apply for a vochure to or section 8 need to move soon

  2. Rose Hopkins says:

    I see a lot of different websites that advertise help in locating and getting in touch with someone who can help with the applications and such but then leads you to another and then another website until you don’t even wind up in the same catagory. It would be great to receive some REAL assistance. Thank you.

  3. Brenda Berg says:

    Do you buy homes to add to your collection

  4. Christopher OBrien says:

    I am in the process of applying for a HUD subsidized home in NJ via HabCore organization and am hitting a major block to complete the qualifications, apparently this is the only issue preventing me at this time from being approved. Where the disability comes in I can not get a Dr, not primary care, not specialist (rheumatologist) that will write that my disabilities are PERMANENT, as required by HUD according to the Asst. Director we are dealing with. I have PTSD, Depression, Alcohol and Addiction issues and Psoriatic Arthritis. I have spoken with a representative at Social Security that advised that even they do not issue documentation that says permanent, but in fact indicate 6 months to a year, and then review annually. Can someone please clarify this for me? I am about to be homeless again, no shelter or anything and have done everything required and then some to try and secure housing so I can go back to school, continue to work part time etc, none of which I can do living on the streets. Thank you very much. Chris OBrien 609 290-5382

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