July 10, 2020

Low Income Apartments – An Overview of Goverment Apartment Options For People Who Have Low Incomes – Public Housing, Section 8, Rent Controlled

If you are struggling to make ends meet financially one of the greatest hardships can be making sure you keep up with your rental payments and utility bills. Unfortunately many Americans have found themselves in a dire situation over the last few years and in most cases not through any errors or poor budgeting they have made. There is assistance available to families and individuals who are having monetary problems, this is in the form of low income apartments through which some of the upkeep costs are met by the US department of housing and urban development, the HUD.

low income apartments

There are in fact a number of HUD sponsored programs that can taken up by persons requiring low income apartments. The aim of these programs is to provide affordable homes to those individuals that would otherwise be in an extremely precarious situation. Public housing, Section 8, and Rent Controlled schemes are available today to people who meet the qualification criteria. By staying in subsidized accommodation it allows a family to free up money to spend on other essential items such as food and education.

The public housing initiative is maintained by local housing agencies of which there are around 3,300 in the country, latest data points to appositely 1.2 million public housing units that are currently occupied with more being built on an ongoing basis. All local housing agencies receive aid from the HUD which allows them to manage and develop units for low income families.

The eligibility requirements to be granted public housing vary depending upon the housing agency. Typically an HA would factor in a households annual income, family status, age, and citizenship prior to granting approval. It is necessary to contact you local housing agency to check out the latest requirements.

Section 8 is a program that has helped a large number of families remain in private rental accommodation. The assistance is offered in the form of a housing choice voucher that subsidizes a certain portion of the monthly rent. This program is open to families on low income as well as the disabled and the elderly.

For the occupants of a property to be granted section 8 vouchers the monthly rent must have been set at a fair market price as determined by the HUD. Those persons who qualify for the scheme are entitled to receive as much as seventy per cent of their total rental cost.

If you would like to find an HUD rent controlled apartment you should first of all discover whether you would qualify by contacting your local HUD office. They would be able to pass on information relating to current eligibility criteria, the types of properties that are available, as well as how long the waiting list currently is.

Your local housing agency can also provide you with information relating to current low income rates and rent subsidized apartments. The availability of such properties will increase as more money is ploughed into the building of HA homes. Gone are the days when housing agency units were in buildings that were half derelict and ravaged by crime.

For more information, click here: http://www.hud.gov/apps/section8/


  1. pamela s smith says:

    please help me get out of this filthy. bedbug, roach infested apartment building . i am a sck person and i need a clean safer place to live . can i get help please ?

  2. margaretrose zabelin says:

    October 2, 2014

    I am a 71 year old disabled low income tenant in an elderly housing, UD-subsidized apartment and our Public Housing Manager has not turned on the heat in the building this year.

    I would like to know by what date each autumn does the landlord have to turn on the heat for the elderly/permanently disabled, homebound tenants?

    I live in the Island Vie Park housing site on 100 Viscount Drive in Milford, CT. The Milford Redevelopment & Housing Partnership is housed at 75 De Maio Drive, Milford, CT 06460-6003, Fax 203-874-6003. The Manager is Robert S. Hughes.

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