October 19, 2021

Government HUD Housing Programs to Help You Afford A Place To Live

Government sponsored HUD housing programs offer a lifeline to many American families. They provide the opportunity to find affordable homes both to rent and to buy. There are in fact various programs that a family may be eligible for through the HUD. If you believe that you meet the criteria set out by the Department [...]

How To Find and Buy HUD Homes From The US Government

HUD homes are a form of residential property that is owned, maintained, and sold by the United States Department of Housing and Urban Development. If a property has been previously bought with a Federal Housing Administration loan undergoes the process of foreclosure it is then turned over to the HUD to offer to low income [...]

Save Money By Buying A HUD Home

It is possible to save yourself and your family a huge amount of money by opting to purchase a HUD home. Of course to bring this about you must first of all ensure that you meet the suitable criteria, such as being a low income family, and also understand how to go about finding a [...]

HUD – An Overview of the US Dept. of Housing and Urban Development

The US Dept of Housing and Urban Development, otherwise known as the HUD, is an executive branch of the federal government. It was originally founded under the presidency of Lyndon Johnson to promote and develop policies relating to affordable housing for urban families. The department came into being on the 9th September 1965 when the [...]